How to find the best assisted living facility?

If you’re considering moving your parent into an assisted living facility, we are the right choice!

Assisted living facilities are residential units that sometimes include housekeeping, transportation to doctors and activities, kitchens, and personal assistance. More than 900,000 people in America live in senior accommodations and the number is continuously growing. If you have concerns about the ability of an aging relative or parent to live independently, you may want to do some research about assisted living. Here are some guidelines to help in choosing a reliable one.

old man with a nurse in a assisted living facility!The first step is to make an honest evaluation as to whether your relative can continue to live at home. Most assisted living facilities offer home care, so if your relative needs a minimum amount of help, home care might be better. But if he/she is beginning to experience a decline in function, an assisted living facility is a wiser option.

If you decided to go for senior accommodations, start looking for the ones in your area. A rule of thumb is to ask for recommendations from family doctors or local senior centers. You can also search on the Internet as a lot of reputable senior accommodations facilities have websites and they provide plenty of information and references.

Once you have a list with favorite facilities, make appointments to visit them with your relative. Pay attention to details and follow these guidelines:
– the place should be clean;
– the facility should have grab bars on the walls and nonslip flooring materials;
– have a meal while in there and check the food;
– observe the interaction between the staff members and residents. It is supposed to be cheerful and respectful.
– get a copy of the residence rules and admission contract.
– make a few unannounced visits to your top three choices. Check the assisted living facility at different times of the day, especially during the early evening and meal times, to see how they manage at quiet and busy times.
– ask to speak with the residence administrator.
– make sure you check the assisted living facility’s licensing or certification report. This should be available for the general public and will outline any complaints the residence has received during inspections;
– find out how many employees are assigned to each resident.
– ask about the staff’s training in areas such as safety, first aid, emergency care, residents rights, mental health and medication administration;

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