Nursing Agency

A Quality Nursing Agency for a Dignified Lifestyle

When it comes to long term care services, nursing homes are not the only option. Nursing homes are permanent residences for people who are too sick or frail to take care of themselves. Alternatively, they can serve as a temporary facility during the period of recovery. However, there are many people who need a nursing home level of care but prefer to remain in their own homes. With the help of a nursing agency like Unlimited Senior Solutions, this becomes possible. Located in Miami, FL, our agency has been providing quality home care for the elderly since 1998. We help your loved ones enjoy the safety and comfort of their own homes.

a nurse and a womanHome care is the perfect solution for more family-centric, introverted or private older adults. We, at Unlimited Senior Solutions, in Miami, FL, can assist seniors to live a dignified and safe lifestyles in their own homes. Before we start working with a client, a registered nurse from our nursing agency provides an assessment based on the client’s needs. This helps our knowledgeable, excellently trained and highly skilled nurses to create a plan of care which is designed to meet the specific needs and concerns of our client. After that, our certified and experienced personnel starts to execute this plan. All our staff members are supervised by registered nurses who make sure that the all the needs of the client are being met.

The services that we provide include: assistance with ambulation, assistance with washing and dressing, meal preparation, changing linens, calls to MD whenever necessary, medication reminders, laundry, letter/e-mail writing, and companionship.

Our services are highly valued by our customers and their families. We provide the most reliable assistance for elderly people who can no longer take care of themselves and wish to remain at home. We understand each client’s needs and wishes, which is why we can offer them the service that will make possible the lifestyles they would like to have. For more information call Unlimited Senior Solutions, in Miami, FL, today.

We can be found at (305) 440-1743.