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What Are Active Senior Living Communities?

Active senior living communities are targeted to people of 55 years or more. Sometimes referred to as an alternative to a single person ownership, these communities offer people maintenance free living, which are close to desirable places, in addition to providing on-site amenities and activities. Each one is made differently and could include single person homes, condominiums, or manufactured housing units.

This kind of community is created to provide seniors with the chance to enjoy their independence, while providing access to social recreational pursuits. Most offer arts, crafts and movie screenings, or for the more active, tennis and golf facilities. Sometimes, they even provide dining areas and clubhouses too. In this type of community, everyday living and medical needs are sometimes covered. However, most residents will be responsible for overseeing their own dietary and medical needs.

There are 2 kinds of these communities, these are age targeted and age restricted. In the U.S., rules enforced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development will oversee such communities. These rules require a minimum of 80% of households to include someone that is 55 years or plus. Individuals beneath this can reside there; however, permanent residents have to be above 19 years of age. An age targeted community is similar to age restricted ones; however, their goals are for individuals that are 55 or older, instead of residents being a specific age.

These communities have carefully structured marketing strategies in place in order to attracted older people that do not have any small children and no young single households or families. Most residents will have grandchildren visiting them regularly. A popular community is a leisure or resort type one, this is when residents can experience resort living, such as swimming pools, entertainment, fitness clubs etc.

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